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Just Just a Minute

Welcome to Just a Minute!

Welcome to Just a Minute!
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Although there are LiveJournal communities devoted to BBC Radio comedies in general, I could not find any devoted to the long-running panel programme Just a Minute. But now that has been resolved, so if you enjoy listening to talented performers attempt to talk on a subject without hesitation, repetition, or deviating from the subject; then this is the community for you.

Without a doubt, the best reference website for the show is Dean's site. A complete episodes guide, transcripts, cast page, and more. Treat it as your Just a Minute online almanac. Also, I can't avoid mentioning the official BBC Radio 4 and BBC 7 pages for the show.

Not only was this community made to talk about the show, but as a trading place for episodes of the show, mainly in digital audio format. I look forward to finding fans who are willing to send me episodes in exchange for episodes that I have. I'll soon have a list available, but for now this community is still "under construction."

If you would like to post a list of your available episodes, please use the subject line "TRADE LIST" or something along those lines. You can include the list in the post itself, but please use a lj-cut if it's long. You can alternatively use a link to a list on a separate site if you happen to have one.

Also, to make it easier to find a specific user's list, I can add a link to it below:

huzlinefan's LIST (link to be added)